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Ceramic Filter - LT Miniature for AM Series

Ceramic Filter LT Miniature for AM Series

LT Miniature for AM is one of the most recommendable intermediate type, having such distinctive features as high selectivity, high stability and adjustment-free operation. Additionally its easy matching with IC helps create an easy circuit design such as applications in Electric synthesized tuners, HiFi audio systems, AM stereo demodulations, One-chip non-adjustment IC's, and even smaller, thinner set structure to cope with these diversifying for AM receiver.

Features with center frequency between 450 and 470 kHz, standard tolerance ±2kHz, and synthesizers for the types of center frequencies 450, 459 and 468 kHz. Standard tolerance is ±1 kHz.


  • Frequency range: 450 kHz ~ 470 kHz.
  • Murata PFB Series Compatible.
Miniature LT Series Technical Characteristics
3dB Band Width
Selectivity ±9kHz off
Insertion Loss
LT455JR 5.5±1.5 ≥17 ≤6 2 elements
  • Center Frequency (fo) is available in a range of 450 ~ 470kHz.
  • The nominal frequency tolerance is ± 2kHz.
Miniature LT Series Dimensions & Miniature LT Series Characteristics
ceramic filter,murata,pfb miniature lt characteristics

Recommended IFT (7mm Square)
Item 7×7mm 5×5mm
Winding Specification

Form bottom
①~② ②~③ ④~⑥ ①~② ②~③ ④~⑥
85T 67T 23T 84T 98T 33T
unloaded Qu 90 65
Tuning Capacity 180PF 180PF

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