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composition resistors (ccr)

composition resistors (ccr)

composition resistors (ccr)


  • excellent characteristic against high voltage surge current .
  • higher reliability for disconnection failure comparing to
    wirewound resistors and film resistors.


  • tv, crt display, copy machine .
  • lbp, vtr, switch power supply, ac adapter .
general specifications
type power rating l Φ d h Φ d
ccr 1/4w 6.3 +1.0 2.3±0.3 27±3 0.60±0.05
ccr 1/2w 10 +0.5 3.5±0.3 27±3 0.68±0.05

type power rating resistance range tolerance e12,e24 max working
max overload
rated ambient temp. operating temp. range
ccr 1/4w 2.2Ω~12mΩ j(±5%)k±10% 250v 350v +70°c -40°c~+125°c
ccr 1/2w 2.2Ω~22mΩ 400v 700v +70°c -40°c~+125°c
rated voltage= or max. working voltage,whichever is lower.

derating curve

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