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Composition Resistors (CCR)

Composition Resistors (CCR)

Composition Resistors (CCR)


  • Excellent characteristic against high voltage surge current .
  • Higher reliability for disconnection failure comparing to
    wirewound resistors and film resistors.


  • TV, CRT display, Copy machine .
  • LBP, VTR, Switch power supply, AC adapter .
General Specifications
Type Power Rating L Φ D H Φ d
CCR 1/4W 6.3 +1.0 2.3±0.3 27±3 0.60±0.05
CCR 1/2W 10 +0.5 3.5±0.3 27±3 0.68±0.05

Type Power Rating Resistance Range Tolerance E12,E24 Max Working
Max overload
Rated Ambient Temp. Operating Temp. Range
CCR 1/4W 2.2Ω~12MΩ J(±5%)K±10% 250V 350V +70°C -40°C~+125°C
CCR 1/2W 2.2Ω~22MΩ 400V 700V +70°C -40°C~+125°C
Rated Voltage= or Max. working voltage,whichever is lower.

Derating Curve

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